Dogs can add years to your life

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TOLEDO (WTVG) - If you own a dog, this news is probably no surprise. When it comes to staying healthy, a dog could add years to your life. We've told you about studies that show a dog can help your heart health and lower you blood pressure, but new research shows it may go even further than that.

Researchers at The University of Toronto analyzed data from four million people in six different countries. What they found is that if you want to improve your health, a dog may be an even better way to do that than first thought. The study shows that dog owners have a lowered risk of dying early by 24%. For those who have already had a heart attack, the risk of dying dropped by 31%.

Experts say it's all very simple. Having a dog usually means you're getting more exercise than those who don't have a pet. Dogs help decrease stress, anxiety and they make you more active. Research shows they can help lower your risk of a heart attack, stroke and depression as well as help lower your blood pressure.

Along with improving your mental and physical health, a dog can boost your social life too by helping you make new friends. They also give some people an added sense of purpose.

There are dozens of dogs waiting for a home at Lucas County Canine Care and Control. Shelter leaders say adopting is a win-win because you're not only helping a dog in need, but also potentially prolonging your life.

October is Adopt A Shelter Dog Month There are a lot of wonderful dogs looking for forever homes at LC4. The shelter is offering all dogs for a $50 adoption fee plus the $25 license fee during October. So you can save a dog and maybe add years to your life at the same time