Police: Two dogs intentionally put in chicken coop maul 24 chickens

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) A local woman says two dogs mauled her 24 chickens. The lady says someone intentionally put the dogs in her chicken coop. It happened Tuesday on East Sandusky street. The woman who asked us not to identify her says she was headed to a city council meeting when she heard noises in the coop.

"The closer I got and I used my cell phone as a light. I noticed all the chickens were dead expect three."

She says the cage isn't easy to unlock.

"The chicken coop is enclosed with chicken wire. I support it with a baby gate in front of that in case that little chick wire door fails. So someone had to take the baby gate down, open up the door to the coop, had to put the dogs in, had to close it and to put the baby gate back up."

She called the dog warden to get the dogs out of the coop.

"Why do you think that somebody would do this? It sounds like its personal. I don't know why anybody would do it. Two chickens were already dead on the outside so they must have known the dogs would kill the chickens. I would hope to think that I don't have any enemies, but I don't know."

The dog warden tracked down the owner of the dogs. They were returned. It appears they were loose in the neighborhood.

"I don't think it was the dogs fault . I think whoever put the dogs in with the chickens its their fault. "

The crime was reported to the Findlay police department, but a police administrator told 13abc they don't plan to investigate the incident.

"How do you feel about that? This is a malicious and intentional act that someone did and I don't know how much worse it could be. My chickens were like pets. Just getting ready to lay eggs next month. I had them since they were tiny little peeps. I just feel like this was a very intentional and malicious act that they should investigate."

The owner says she doesn't feel safe and plans to get cameras for her barn.