Dozens of cats, dogs evacuated to Toledo Area Humane Society ahead of Hurricane Florence

MAUMEE, Ohio (WTVG) - After traveling by van from South Carolina a group of animals are finally back on solid ground in Northwest Ohio

"Getting them out of there to Virginia was a little bit more challenging, but they handled it successfully," said ASPCA relocation driver Debbie Goodaker.

Thursday, 23 dogs and 15 cats arrived at the Toledo Area Humane Society. They were all evacuated from shelters in Myrtle Beach ahead of Hurricane Florence's landfall.

"[The humane society was] willing to take a lot of the animals out of the shelter for the influx of animals that are probably going to come once the hurricane hits," said Goodaker.

Coming in all shapes and sizes the pets were already up for adoption on the east coast. Now settling into Northwest Ohio, humane society leaders say they're ready for new homes here.

"Most of them are spayed and neutered," said Toledo Area Humane Society director Stephen Heaven. "They've had all their vaccines and things like that. So we just give them an exam—make sure they're all up-to-date and they're virtually ready to go."

The group of four-legged friends aren't the only ones calling Maumee home for now. Shelter leaders expect to take in at least 70 more animals in the coming days. Despite that number, crews say they're ready as they've handled evacuees before.

"We're very used to it," said Heaven. "Our staff are very used to it. They have all the systems down pat. It really is pretty much business as usual."

While the team can do a lot by itself they say help from the community also makes all the difference in events like these.

"We're in need of financial donations, and we put a lot of money into this type of effort," said Heaven. "We have been asking for large crates and also for volunteers."

Humane society leaders say a majority of the pets will be ready for adoption starting Friday.

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