Local NAACP president injured in Monday street race in Toledo

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Police say a drag racing incident led to an innocent driver getting hurt.

The innocent driver is the president of the NAACP and he's sharing his story.

It happened on North Byrne on Monday. The cars crashed at Nebraska which ended in a three-vehicle crash.

"I heard this loud explosion that was a car hitting me. I didn't realize it. I had no idea," said Ray Wood.

Monday evening NAACP president Ray Wood was driving home when a car hit him. The female driver of the car along with a 24 year old man were allegedly drag racing. Wood says his truck rolled when it was hit. He told me he's grateful for the Toledo firefighter who kept him calm. He even knew one of the first responders.

"I didn't lose consciousness, but I was disoriented. He was looking in the passenger side and said Ray you okay? I said I don't know. They were going to bring out the jaws of life, but they didn't need it. I went out through the passenger side," said Wood.

The crash took out several power poles knocking out electricity in the North Byrne area.

"The people that were coming to see if I was okay. Said they were drag racing I saw the whole thing."

Wood was taken to a local hospital. He suffered injuries to his hand. He also has broken ribs, bruises, and an injured shoulder from the accident.

"You know God is good. I'm not angry. I'm just hoping that there could be lessons learned. I hope those people never do that again because it could have been a different story. How would you like to have that on your conscious that you injured somebody or may have possibly killed somebody doing something really foolish like drag racing," said Wood.

Police charged 20-year-old Autumn Blakely and 24-year-old Saleh Alabduwahed with drag racing. Blakely will face a judge next week.