Drive-In theaters opening this week

Published: May. 4, 2020 at 5:57 PM EDT
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It's been over a month since families across Ohio have been able to go to the movies, but drive-in theaters are now permitted to open under


This is what drive-in owners have been waiting for, and with so many people anxious to get out of the house, they're expecting to make a huge comeback.

"I think this is our year, there are only 24 drive-ins in the state of Ohio," said Donna Saunders. She and her husband Rodney own the Field of Dreams Drive-In locations in both Tiffin and Liberty Center, both opening this week. "I saw an email from another drive-in owner in Ohio and it said, 'We did it and we are able to open,' and I jumped out of bed and had to run to my computer so I could read the whole thing."

On page 6 of the 14-page order, it names various entertainment venues that are to remain closed, excluding drive-in theaters.

The Saunders, along with other drive-in owners, have been asking customers through their Facebook page to sign a petition to allow the locations to open.

"We're grateful for the people that sent stuff to the governor, we're grateful for the other drive-in owners that came together to work on presenting our case to the governor, we're just grateful to be able to do what we love to do," said Rodney Saunders.

The drive-ins allow for social distancing, with all customers staying in their vehicles to watch the movie.

Like other businesses, they've also taken additional measures to ensure safety for employees and customers.

Tickets and concessions will be available for purchase online, and snacks can be brought right to your car.

Customers will also select their numbered parking spot online, to limit their interaction with employees, who would normally guide them where to park.

Face coverings will be required for customers who choose to purchase walk-up concessions or need to exit their vehicle to use the restroom

"I tried to make that clear, that this is a two-way street. We need them to help us, we are going to help keep them healthy and safe, but everybody has got to work together because if either one of those things fails, we're going to be shut down," Donna said.

The Sundance Kid Drive-in in Oregon is expecting to open May 12, but decisions about what features they will play are not yet determined.

"We were made for social distancing," said Jim Walter, whose location will also offer online ticketing services.

Walter also mentioned that where they would normally have two cars in between parking poles, there will only be one. This gives customers over 20 feet of distance.

The Tiffin Drive-In location opens Tuesday. The theater in Liberty Center opens on Friday.

The first movies playing in Tiffin include "The Invisible Man" and "The Hunt" on one screen and "Trolls World Tour" and "Onward" for the kids on the other.

Each ticket is good for a double feature.

To find showtimes, directions, and purchase tickets for Tiffin and Liberty Center,


For more information on the Sundance Kid Drive-In in Oregon,