EPA issues permit for new Toledo manufacturing facility

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(TOLEDO) - A proposed hot iron briquette manufacturing facility In Toledo was granted a final air emissions permit.

The Ohio EPA says the permit will allow Cliff's Natural Resources to build the plant at the former Ironville Terminal on Front Street and Millard Avenue.

The $700 million facility will create 130 new jobs. Another 1,200 construction jobs will be supported as the plant is built.

In a news release, the EPA said the permits "include conditions limiting total maximum air emissions to protect public health and the environment. Carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, particulate matter and greenhouse gas pollutants are expected to be emitted along with small quantities of other pollutants."

Environmental activist Sandy Bihn, an Oregon City Councilwoman, has been very critical of the project.

The City of Toledo agreed to provide incentives to locate the facility here. The Blade reported in January that groundbreaking is expected to take place this year with production scheduled to begin in 2020.

Cliff's Natural Resources is the largest independent producer of iron ore pellets in North America. The company has headquarters in Cleveland with mining and pellet operations in Michigan, Minnesota and Australia.