East Toledo after hours club ordered closed, boarded up for one year

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It has been a constant concern for neighbors, but Thursday Toledo city crews did something about it.

"There's a lot of crime down here because of that place," said East Toledo resident Andrea Currier. "I'll be pretty happy that it's closed for a while."

Since last August police say they've handled more than 30 complaints against a so-called after hours club at Kelsey and White. The most recent call happened back on August 24 when officers say two men were shot during a fight outside.

"There were many complaints from the location," Lt. Jessica Meyer with the Toledo Police Department said. "Not only noise and fights, but shootings that occurred in this location or stemmed from this location just outside."

Officers used those complaints to build a case against the club's owner, 41-year-old Juan Scott Junior. After giving him multiple chances to fix things a Toledo judge ordered the building to be boarded up and closed for one year.

"This has been a big disturbance to the neighborhood, and I'm sure that a lot of people in the neighborhood will be happy to see that this is boarded up and closed down," Lt. Meyer said.

13abc reporter Michael Bratton stopped by Scott's home for his thoughts on the move but didn't get a response.

Now with the club set to be closed for at least a year neighbors say they're looking forward to quieter days ahead.

"Hopefully something will happen where [Scott] doesn't come back," Currier said.

If you have concerns with similar operations in your neighborhood ... officers say you need to report it. They say any information they get could be used to help shut down other nuisance operations.