EdChoice parents wait in limbo for Columbus to decide fate of the program

Published: Feb. 12, 2020 at 2:19 PM EST
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Thasia Awad has been using EdChoice scholarships for years to educate her children. With the future of the program unknown, she hopes politicians in the state capital think about the families and not just themselves.

"I think it's more frustrating than anything because when Governor Kasich and the Ohio Legislature put this into law it was to give families the freedom to choose, to make it available for them to choose whatever school district that best suits their family's needs," Awad said.

The outcry over who should be eligible for EdChoice -- or if EdChoice should even exist -- has led lawmakers to put the EdChoice process on hold.

"We are in a failing district, at least where the girls would go to school, and education is huge for us," Awad said.

The people we spoke with are hoping to use scholarships at Emmanuel Christian.

"We have public schools that say they are spending $12,000 a year on students to educate them. The private schools are getting $4-6,000. Where's the rest of the money that's staying with the public school? They are keeping money from students that are not staying in their schools," school head Kevin Hofer said. "We are waiting on legislators to make a reasonable decision and I don't think there is room for compromise, I really don't."

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