Election Day resources for Ohio and Michigan voters


(WTVG) - Election Day is Tuesday and while it might be an off-year for most major contests there are still plenty of issues on local ballots in 2019. With elections always come questions about who, what, when, where, and how so we have put together this simple resource to help you answer some of the most common election day questions.

First up: when?

While early voting has been going on for several weeks, election day voting will run between 6:30 AM and 7:30 PM at polling locations throughout the state.

Where is my polling place?

If you aren't certain where to go to punch your ballot there are a number of ways to find out. One is to check with your county Board of Elections, which lists each polling location by precinct. You can also find addition voting information specific to your county and contact info for your local Board of Elections.

To visit your local Board of Elections website, click the name of your county below.


You can also look up your personal voter information which includes your address and polling location. Ohio voters click HERE. Michigan voters click HERE

What's on my ballot?

If you're not sure what exactly you're meant to be voting for in your district, you can view a sample ballot by visiting the voter lookup tool on the Ohio State Board of Elections website or the Michigan State Board of Elections.

What do I need to bring with me?

Ohio requires proof of identification in order to cast a ballot. For information on what types of ID are accepted, click HERE.

Michigan voters must either present a photo ID or sign an affidavit before casting their ballot. For more information on the process, click HERE.

How do I get to the polls?

For voters in Lucas County who cannot walk or drive to their local polling location and who need alternative transportation, TARTA will be providing free rides to polling locations throughout the day. For more information, visit our post HERE.