Election board wants to know what Toledo mayor knows about election numbers

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Major questions raised Thursday about election results from this week. Who knew them and when?

The Lucas County Board of Elections is asking Toledo's mayor about some of his comments regarding Tuesday's results for Toledo's proposed income tax increase.

Board members wrote a letter to Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz asking about his comments this week about the income tax issue that's currently failing. They're trying to find out what's behind his assertions that if it wasn't for COVID-19 this issue would have passed by double digits.

When the 13abc I-Team asked Kapszukiewicz on Thursday morning if Issue 1 was failing because of its substance or because of COVID-19, his answer was clear.

"There's no question it's COVID-19. It's not my opinion, it's now a mathematical fact. An election that would have ended on March 17, Issue 1 would have passed if not 2-1, probably 59-41 something like that. It's math, it's not my opinion,” said Kapszukiewicz.

The Lucas County Board of Elections wants to know more about what the mayor knows.

In a letter sent to the mayor Thursday, board members want to know if he received information prior to the board releasing its unofficial results Tuesday night. Specifically, the board is concerned about this statement from the mayor Wednesday that reads in part:

"If you look at the results based on when voters cast their ballots, it is clear that Issue 1 was on its way to victory before the election was postponed. In fact, based on the votes that came in before March 17, it looks like Issue 1 would have passed by double digits."

In it's letter, the board said no one, not even the mayor of a city, should have known even partial results.

Kapszukiewicz's office issued a statement Thursday afternoon, saying the board must have misinterpreted his original statement.

“I was talking about estimates and extrapolations based on public data and election results,” Kapszukiewicz said in the statement.

The mayor admitted he doesn't know how people would have voted on the 17th, but he's adamant Issue 1, which would have repaired Toledo's roads, among other places where money was designated, was on the road to victory.

"Yes, I know other people would have voted on election day, but when you look at those people who did vote, who they were and where they lived, it doesn't matter. Who cares? Fine it doesn't matter. It’s not important anymore,” said Kapszukiewicz.

This board of elections issue aside, the mayor said Thursday he's going to listen to voters before deciding if something like Issue 1 goes back on the ballot.

The city will need to renew its 3/4% income tax in November so that will be on the ballot. But he did say maybe voters will see a separate issue with a smaller amount, perhaps just for roads. He said he heard from voters that there were too many items stuffed into this March.