Emaciated dog found in Wood County is on the road to recovery

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BOWLING GREEN, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A disturbing discovery in Wood County. An emaciated dog was found running loose. The coonhound has since been named Whiskers.
Thanks to the work of a number of people, he is now on the road to recovery.

Whiskers was found by a mail carrier near North Baltimore December 28th and brought to the Wood County Dog Shelter. His recovery has been a gradual process. Whiskers came in weighing just 43 pounds, substantially less than a dog his size should weigh.

Andrew Snyder is the Wood County Dog Warden, "We use a scale to assess body condition, and he rates a one on that scale. One is the lowest level."

After being fed small meals multiple times a day, Whiskers is beginning to gain weight. When he stepped on the scale today he was up to about 48 pounds.

Whiskers did have a license, and the Dog Warden has reached out to the listed owner, but has yet to hear back, "The Ohio Revised Code requires us to hold a dog with a license for 14 days after sending a certified letter. That means he will be available January 13th."

Snyder says there are two separate investigations being done in connection with the case, "We are doing the investigation into why the dog was running loose. The Wood County Humane Society is handling the investigation into the condition of the dog."

The Warden says this is of course not something that happened overnight. He adds if you need help caring for your pets, ask for it, "There are a lot of organizations out there that can help. There is a pet food bank at Humane Ohio. The Wood County Humane Society has a number of programs, and there's also our shelter. If you are in a bind, reach out and we can help you find resources for the issues you are facing."

In spite his condition, Snyder says Whiskers is a happy dog, "He is very friendly and vocal. I can hear him howling right now. He likes people and he has a positive attitude in spite of his condition. It's amazing when you see some of the situations dogs come out of and they're still able to maintain a good disposition. It is truly remarkable. I think Whiskers is a great example of that resilience." As the new year begins, the goal is to find whiskers a loving, new home in the weeks ahead.