End of the line for family-owned Toledo dry cleaner after 65 years

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo family business prepares to close its doors at the end of the year. As the brothers look to their next step, there's still one major project to undertake and it's a challenging one.

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Lincoln Drive-In Cleaners on Upton Avenue by Berdan will be closing after 65 years of business.

It’s a unique business that simply can't close its door one day with lots of merchandise inside because there all that merchandise all belongs to someone. And now is the time to come get it.

The Nunemaker family has owned Lincoln Drive-In Cleaners since 1954. Today it's operated by three of the Nunemaker sons, although their time doing jobs around here dates back to their childhood.

"I remember we used to come over here on Sundays and back when all the pants had cuffs, we come in there with a brush and brush all the dirt out of the cuffs," said Bob Nunemaker.

“Everyone always says, you work with your brothers? That must be terrible. I've never had any problems. One might get mad at me, I might get mad at them," said Jim Nunemaker.

The brothers have decided it's time to close the doors on December 31. There are still clothes coming in but there are also plenty that need to go out, some of it even dating back to 2015.

"Some we hear back, some we don't. It's kind of like a gamble," said Bill Nunemaker.

The brothers have tried to contact all the customers but some of the phone numbers don't work anymore; others have not responded. Lots of items still need to be claimed. Lincoln has customers as far away as Bowling Green, so the hope is that as word spreads people will stop in, not only for their stuff, but also to say goodbye to a family business.

"A lot of these customers we've had for years. You get to know them on a first name basis. We talk to them and it's almost like they're family," said Bill Nunemaker.

So the hope now is that people will get the word of the closing and if they've had something there for a while to come and pick it up. Even after work shuts down, the brothers may open the doors on occasional days for more pickups, but it's best if people head that way now.