Extra tax revenue means funding more city projects

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TOLEDO - (WTVG) - Toledo operating budget for 2019 is $268M.

Income tax revenue for 2018 exceeded estimates so the year closed out with extra money that will be spent on a variety of projects.

For instance, when the Landbank took control of the 130-year old church last July, it knew Saint Anthony's needed work.

So far, nothing's been done.

But Toledo's income tax revenue is $763-thousand dollars higher than expected so the city will spend $20,000 on exterior brick and mortar work at the church.

City spokesman, Ignazio Messina says, "We want that area to be safe. We want that street to be safe and the building to be safe for the people who live by there and who drive by there."

It's the first money that will be spent on the renovation but a coalition is trying to raise money to bring that building back to life.

David Mann, the president of the Lucas County Landbank says, "With the proper preservation that building can be there a long time, it's been there a long time already."

The city's extra tax revenue will also be spent on buying uniforms and equipment for new fire and police classes ($190,000).

Funding a study on a potential Toledo to Detroit rail-line ($30,000).

And looking at how to improve economic development along Toledo's Monroe Street corridor downtown. ($20,000)

The city's finance director says this is a way of being proactive and funding programs the city needs to support. Tom Skrobola told 13abc's Bill Hormann, "I think it's fair to say these reflect the wants and needs of the community at this time."

A good chunk of the money...

Nearly $170,000 will go back into the Capital Improvement budget that may ultimately go to for road and sidewalk repair.