Extreme decorator makes holiday magic come to life

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GAINESVILLE, Fla. (WCJB) -- As the Christmas holiday approaches, people are putting their lights up to decorate.

Sean Lucas, an extreme decorator, has spent all year preparing to display his Christmas lights.

He said, "I start December 26th with the next year's plan."

He builds his own lights show from scratch to display every Christmas.

"We build circuit boards and solder, lots of soldering, and everything pretty much is DIY, then we put it to the music and make it blink and flash," said Lucas. "A three minute song takes upwards of 10-20 hours to get all the sequencing done."

People from all over can enjoy the Christmas spirit. Lucas even has a Facebook page, called "Gainesville Area Christmas Light Displays" with a map listing all the local lights displays.

"Basically it's to let people see the other houses that people put their efforts into," Lucas said.

He said this year took more time than last. "I brought some of the more playful stuff with some wood cut outs and old blow molds from the 60s and things like that. I wanted to bring some more of the Christmas spirit into it," he said.

It's more than just a hobby for Lucas. "I just like doing it for the kids I guess. It's something I enjoyed as a kid and I'd like to pass it on," he said.

The show plays every night at Lucas' house, starting at sundown until Christmas.

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