Fair Housing Center unveils sculpture made of 20,000 keys

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - After a request was made to the community for donated keys, 20,000 keys were donated to The Fair Housing Center. The end result, a sculpture called "Keys to Opportunity" was unveiled tonight as a part of their annual Courtyard Connections networking event.

Dane Turpening from Toledo Twisted Iron fused the keys into a public sculpture, he is also the blacksmith artist behind the Echo installation in Promenade Park.

Keys to Opportunity represents the role fair housing plays in opening doors to opportunity. Alexis Means of 13abc was the emcee of tonight's unveiling ceremony. "The key to your home unlocks the door to education, employment, transportation, and all the other vital resources that unable us to thrive," she said as part of her opening remarks.

In addition to 13abc being the media partner for this project, Lucas County Auditor Anita Lopez and The Creative Block, with special thanks to George Brymer, sponsored the Courtyard Connections event.

Sena Mourad Friedman, Director of Development at The Fair Housing Center, was the person credited with helping this art work come to fruition.

Friedman said they were honored to be selected by ProMedica to be featured at one of their “I’m In” events for young professionals. As a part of the event they were supposed to bring in a donated item that supported the work of the organization. Keys were decided as a way to represent housing.

One of The Fair Housing board members, Tom Kroma, connected them with Dane Turpening, and from there, the work began to create a piece of art from fusing keys together.