Fake $100 bill leaves woman without any options

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A Toledo woman has a problem. She's out $100 but not because she spent it or had it stolen. It's gone because it was fake.

It's a tough spot for Dawn Martin. She's now out this money after having a $100 bill but having no idea it was fake. A lesson that we all need to be very careful with the cash we have.

When Martin went back to a Toledo store with a receipt to return the carpet cleaner she rented in November she says she was given a $100 bill back. That was the amount of her deposit but there was one problem.

"The day after that I went to the gas station to get gas and that's when they took it and called the police and told me it was a counterfeit bill," said Martin.

Martin's bill was a fake. She even had the police called on her. She says she had no idea the bill was fake.

"I've never felt a counterfeit before so I had no clue," said Martin.

So how can you and people like Martin spot fake bills? The Secret Service has some advice: Check for watermarks and the security strip. Those are the two biggest indicators of a real bill.

Unfortunately Martin had a fake one and as financial experts tell 13abc, the person with the bill last is usually the one that loses.

"I'm very upset and very disappointed because that $100, I cleaned carpets for a friend for that $100 and that was going to be Christmas money for my grand kids. So my grand kids pretty much went without Christmas because I didn't have the money to do it," said Martin.

The bottom line is this: It's really on you. You need to double check your bills. If you get some from a store and one feels or seems bad, report it right away. Ask a clerk and if you don't get anywhere ask for a manager.

A Secret Service member also telling 13abc that those pens you see stores marking bills with are not 100% accurate.

So you need to be responsible for the money you receive.