Fall colors soon to increase across the area

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - The change in color you see during the Fall season isn’t only because of the change in temperature. The number one influence of Fall foliage is the shorter amount of daylight hours.

Longer nights send the signal to the trees that it is now time to prepare for winter. Shutting down food or chlorophyll production, causes the leaves to lose their green shades.

But what about the record breaking late September heat wave? Does that have any factor on this upcoming season? Kim High, a Naturalist with Metroparks Toledo says "the heat did stress out our trees a little bit, however the sun means that the chlorophyll is going to keep producing a lot of food"

Meaning extra late season food production could bring increased amounts of sugars being trapped in the leaves, ultimately leading to brighter colors. But first we need a trigger, cooler temperatures.

"If we get some nice cool nights that aren’t quite a frost, but cool enough. It’s very possible that we will get some very bright colors" said High.

With some chilly nights forecasted over the weekend, you may notice more colorful scenery next week.