Families take advantage of tax-free back-to-school savings

A mother takes advantage of tax-free back-to-school savings
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday officially started Friday. It's the second year for the event. 13abc's Michael Bratton talked to Toledo area families about their back-to-school savings.

Back-to-school shoppers are out in full force.

"We're going to go get some shoes and try to save as much as we can," said Elissa Rapp.

It's all to take advantage of Ohio's Sales Tax Holiday.

In its second year, the three day event aims to give families a break in their pocketbooks.

"You know, with the sales and then not having to pay the taxes—it saves a little bit of money at least," said Rapp.

Clothing priced at $75 or less and school supplies and materials $20 or less all qualify for a tax free purchase.

"Well, it can get expensive, so any kind of break is really helpful, especially with three boys," said Denise Bowers.

Stores like the JC Penney in the Franklin Park Mall are ready for customers.

"Our customers come fast and furious in our store, and we have to be ready for them," said General Manager Dick Lies. "So it's staffing the store, making sure we have the right people. we want to make sure we give the customer a great experience."

Families like Amanda Carper's are looking to really stretch their hard-earned dollars.

"Usually we stock up on the school supplies so we have some at home too," said Carper.

The sales tax holiday runs until Sunday night at midnight. For a list of frequently asked sales tax holiday questions, click the link to the right of the story.