Family honors son's memory in unique way

WATERVILLE, Ohio (WTVG) - A Waterville family has found a unique way to honor its son who lived only two days.

They're creating a legacy for Brady Heintschel, while supporting families who have experienced something similar.

Olivia Heintschel can easily find a picture of her brother Brady. Unfortunately she won't be able to play with him. Brady only lived 2 days.

"I was in such disbelief because at 27 weeks why would my water break? That's insane to think I'm having this baby. He wasn't ready," said Kelly Heintschel, Brady’s mother.

Kelly would eventually end up at the hospital, delivering Brady at around 28 weeks. He weighed two pounds and he was showing signs of survival.

"We had all reason to believe that he was going to live. It was actually a shock to the doctors and the nurses that he didn't make it,” said Kelly Heintschel.

The Heintschels received so much support after Brady's birth and death that they wanted to support other families going through this situation. Then they came up with an idea.

"I just thought about all the things I wasn't going to get to do with him. One of them was I love craft beer. We've home brewed a few times and I thought I'd never get to brew a beer with him," said Kevin Heintschel, Brady’s Dad.

With the help of a brewer out of the Cleveland area they created Sonshine Golden Ale. It’s a limited run with only about 800 glasses will be produced. All the profits will go back to the Sonshine Foundation which supports families after a loss.

"I want people to feel loved when they go through a situation like this," said Kelly Heintschel.

Now they turning tragedy into positivity for others. In one of the ways they know how.

"We live our whole lives with very little impact, some people do and Brady lived for less than 2 days and here he is having changed us so much. Hopefully he just continues so we can share our story and change other people's lives," said Kelly Heintschel.

The first keg of Sonshine Golden Ale will be taped Thursday at Knuckleheads Kafe in Grand Rapids Ohio.

Here are the other locations that will feature Sonshine Golden Ale:

Doc Watson’s, Toledo
Mailpouch Saloon, Haskins
Barr’s Public House, Maumee
Firepit Grille, Holland OH
Shawn’s Irish Tavern, Waterville
PizzaPapalis, Toledo
Wine Flight, Elmore
Holloway Beverage, Holland