Farmers head west to help ranchers who lost everything

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MONTPELIER (13abc Action News) - Local farmers and truckers are headed from Montpelier to Kansas and Oklahoma to help people rebuild after wildfires tore through certain farmlands. They have been loading up trucks filled with items to donate to ranchers out west. If you would like to contribute, please look at the list below.

Hay, bales, straw, sweet feed, bagged grain, calf starter, milk replacer, mineral blocks, dog food, vetericyn gel, 6 ft. Metal posts, post hole digger, 12 gauge barbed wire, wire stretchers, dust masks and leather gloves.

For more information please call 419-551-4548 and ask for Logan and 419-630-6106 to reach Tom. Call to receive information regarding monetary donations at 419-485-8351.

*No monetary donations will go to fuel. They are doing this out of the kindness of their hearts.