Father says birthday party for kids turned into nightmare at water park

DUNDEE, Mich. (WTVG) - What started off as a family day of fun at the Splash Universe Water Park turned into a nightmare according to a suburban Michigan man. Jacob Mason from Farmington Hills, Michigan, says he took his kids to Splash Universe in Dundee Michigan this past Saturday for a Birthday Party with ten 7 and 9 year olds. Mason says around 7:00pm, "All of a sudden a really pungent chlorine kind of smell kind of came throughout the whole area." Then Mason says his son started to throw up. "My wife rushed my son to the bathroom," he says. "I went into the other bathroom and noticed other people throwing up in there."

Mason goes onto say that when he came out of the bathroom some of the other parents were calling 911. "The chlorine smell was just filling up, it was awful basically."

Mason says the paramedics checked all the kids and cleared them to go home after they left the pool area, but he and his wife were very frustrated with the reaction from the management at the water park.

"My wife went to the front desk, they blew her off immediately.," he says. "They just told her the chlorine levels are normal and made her feel crazy."

The management fro Splash Universe did issue a statement saying, "Employees checked the chlorine levels and everything showed up normal. The employees did everything according to procedure. The chlorine levels get checked every two hours and EMT's did show up to check on guests."