FedEX technical glitch sends people to an Ohio home looking for their packages

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MONROE, Ohio (WXIX/Gray News) - A Monroe woman said several people showed up to her home Wednesday after an apparent FedEx technical error made people believe their FedEx packages were being delivered there.

A woman in Ohio said she was baffled after people started showing up to her home, asking for their FedEx packages. (Source: WXIX/Gray News)

Tasha Heard said her address had been scanned on hundreds of packages for the delivery service, but none were actually delivered to her home.

She said people started showing up to collect their deliveries, but she didn’t have any.

“So when I answered the door ... he is putting the phone in my face," Heard said. "I say, ‘Yeah?’ He said, ‘You’ve got my packages, it says you have them. Do you have my FedEx packages?’ I was like, 'no.'”

Heard said she spoke to FedEx and the packages were supposed to go to a shipping center but somehow a technical error had strangers in the night coming to her home.

She said she called FedEx to find out exactly what happened.

“That gentlemen is the one who tells me that it looks as though there were 739 packages delivered to my home around yesterday around 7:30 p.m.," she said.

But nothing was delivered.

Heard said a police officer showed up, too.

“[He] gave advice to look out for sketchy cars things like that,” she said.

A FedEx spokesperson said FedEx is looking into the situation, and the delivery service is “working as quickly as possible to resolve the situation and ensure that all packages are delivered to their intended recipients tomorrow.”

FedEx Ground has possession of the impacted packages.

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