Feds and Local investigators go after the top customers in human trafficking

There is a federal human trafficking task force that is working with local police to investigate, make arrests and prosecute customers in the human trafficking sex trade. Dr. Celia Williamson Ph.D from the University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute says "We picture the pervert living under the bridge, but when we think about buying children as the premium product in human trafficking, that's an expensive product and so you have to be able to afford that product."

Dr. Williamson ran a 2012 study asking victims of human trafficking who their customers were and she says "to no surprise of ours, they were men involved in positions, legitimate positions." "When you suspect a child or teen is being trafficked, the first things to do is to tell yourself not to blame the child," says Williamson. Then Contact the National Human Trafficking Resource Center at 1-888-373-7888. There is no piece of information too small or insignificant in these cases, there may be other cases that share similar characteristics and local and federal investigators may need that information.

One of those local investigators is on the TPD task force that works with the federal human trafficking task force and can't reveal his identity. "Our cases are pretty tight if we're bringing them to the federal system, department of justice, US Attorney's, we are going to get a conviction," he says.