Few answers for Michindoh water customers by OH EPA

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FAYETTE, OH - (WTVG) - Nearly 500 people turned out Tuesday night to hear from the Ohio EPA about a proposed well in Fulton County.

The Michindoh Aquifer could feed water to suburban Toledo communities and that upsets residents who rely on that water source.

The Ohio EPA generally does not hold public informational meetings on well applications but it did Tuesday night because this well has a lot of public interest.

Yet, in the end, most of the concerns of the current water customers could not be answered at this point.

Before the meeting, we heard one concern over and over.

Michindoh water customer Gloria Borton asked, "What happens when the water table goes down and my well goes dry? Where's my water going to come from?"

Jim Fallon says, "I just don't understand why we should give up water to someone else when they can do it on their own."

That someone else is Sylvania, Perrysburg and Maumee looking for a cheaper water source and considering a pipeline from Fulton County instead of buying Toledo water from Lake Erie.

West Unity mayor Peggy Bernath says, "I think people need to work a little harder on their existing sources rather than take away from someone else's only source."

People wanted to know, is there enough water to draw up to 15-million gallons a day?

How quickly could the drawn water be replenished?

And if wells go dry, where's the next water source?

But Tuesday night, those questions could not be answered.

Heidi Griesmer, spokesperson for Ohio EPA says, "There's a lot about this proposal we don't have information about yet."

So a big crowd and a lot of questions but until there's a detailed plan drawn by Artisean of Pioneer, those questions have no answers.

That was frustrating for Michindoh water customers.

Right now, we're at step one: the well site permit process.

Ohio EPA says the site seems suitable for drilling.

All those other important questions will have to wait until the Ohio EPA gets some detailed plans.

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