Fight before deadly shooting captured on Facebook live

TOLEDO, Ohio (13abc Action News) - A fight in Toledo, broadcast live on Facebook, turns into something much more significant after shots are fired and one woman is killed.

Police say this use of social media can help what they do while hurting at the same time.

The fight and the gunfire happening in the 1800 block of Macomber near Isherwood.

Police have reviewed a copy of this Facebook live video. Reviewing a crime they say didn't have to happen.

When police came to Macomber Street Sunday afternoon, they were told originally it was a fight, then they were told it involved gunfire.
We now know that gun fire led to one woman's death.

Deasia Wallace, 20, died in the shooting. Tanaysia Young, 15, was also wounded in the shooting. Toledo police identify the alleged shooter of both of them as Emannuel Garner, 16. He was also shot. That shooter is still on the loose.

"We'd much rather be dealing with the fight than be dealing with the murder," said Toledo police lieutenant Dan Gerken.

Gerken saying that because the Facebook live video shows dozens of people watching the fight, some putting it on social media. Those people using their phones for video, not for calling police.

"Phone call, phone call about 10 minutes earlier to the police wouldn't have hurt. Try to help us stop it or stop it before it gets to this level," said Gerken.

Witnesses tell police that between 20 and 60 people saw the fight, including the person who put the video live on social media. A new element of police work that Gerken says helps and hurts their work.

"It hinders us from getting a call out because people would prefer to video tape something than call the police," said Gerken. "It helps sometimes because the video doesn't lie because you get everything on tape so, it helps and hurts.”