Fighting Back From Addiction To Love Story

TOLEDO It's the perfect beginning to a new love story after a harrowing life of addiction. Katlynne Dean and Jerry Schwamberger are getting married and one of the Lucas County DART officers who helped direct them to a life of sobriety is officiating their vows.

Katlynne is almost 3 years clean and sober. "I went from one drug to another which led into heroin. I was on pills and heroin for 6 to 7 years," says Katlynne. Her fiancée Jerry is too, "I've struggled with addiction since I was 10 years old and I'm 31 years old," says Jerry. The two met in prison where they were pen pals and then became friends when they both got out of prison and starting going to recovery meetings together.

When their relationship turned romantic, the two committed to getting married. They knew just who to turn to when it came to officiating their vows, Katlynne's Great Uncle Dennis Whaley, one of the DART Officer's who helped them both individually get their lives back on track. "He did a lot for me, anything I can do to repay him in the end it was my choice to get clean, but all the help that you get from an individual means so much."

Whaley accepted and got certified to marry the couple this Saturday at Olander Park. "It's a great honor for me for them to ask me to do that."