Fighting Gun Violence: "Not in My House"

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In today's Crime Fighters report Toledo police are working on a new program aimed at helping to reduce gun violence.
The program is called "Not in My House" it involves parents and grandparents turning in weapons and drugs owned by a juvenile in their home with no legal consequences.

"We will come and our officers will take the drugs out of the home no questions asked. They will remove the illegal gun from their home and person who calls us and tips us off doesn't have to worry about any legal ramifications. There's an amnesty component to it," said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz.
The chief has an idea of how city leaders will join hands with citizens for this new grass roots effort.

"Basically we are going to create some stickers for people in their houses. They'll put those stickers on their doors or on their windows basically saying not in my house. So that's letting people know in the neighborhood that the people in this house don't want anything to do with the criminal element." said Toledo police chief George Kral.

The mayor says they are still working out the details of this program. 13abc will let you know when TPD launches it.