Findlay flood waters recede, some basements still wet

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FINDLAY, Ohio (WTVG) - The last few days have been nothing short of a nightmare for at least one Findlay homeowner and her family.

"I'm just done. I am so done," she said.

The woman didn't want to give her name, but told 13abc that Saturday's heavy rain not only closed roads across the county, but also caused the sewer system on her street to fail, causing water and sewage to back up into her basement.

"Anything that's on the floor we had to scrub because it's basically sewage that came up," she said. "You could smell it. You could see it floating."

Now, some 48-hours later, water marks on the cinder blocks holding up her belongings show how high the water rose. Even with sump pumps running, the Findlay taxpayers says she' couldn't keep up.

"It shouldn't come up like that. They should have somewhere for this water to go, not in my basement. It should be somewhere else."

She places blame on the city and saws the crumbling sewers are the culprit.

"Every time [the city] says it's fixed, it's not. It comes back," she said. "It starts raining and I hear it gushing."

While one homeowner waits for answers, he all-consuming effort continues.

Though she's overwhelmed, she's hopeful the city comes up with a permanent solution because, without it, there's always a chance it will happen again.

"I can't live like this but I have nowhere to go," she said.

13abc called the city of Findlay to find out more about the sewers on Clifton street. A representative hasn't called back.