Findlay police captain terminated after domestic violence investigation

WTVG - City of Findlay released this statement regarding Captain Sean young:

The City of Findlay has reviewed the independent investigation conducted by the Toledo Police Internal Affairs department with regard to an alleged domestic event involving Captain Sean Young and his wife Toni Young on February 4, 2017.

After review and discussion with Captain Young, Mayor Lydia Mihalik has decided to terminate his employment with the City of Findlay, effective September 29, 2017. A willful violation of Domestic Violence and other Administrative violations have all been sustained.

“After a great deal of thought and deliberation as well as review of all matters provided and the findings made by an independent body investigating the matter, I have decided on behalf of our police department and the citizens of Findlay that we move forward without Captain Young,” said Mayor Mihalik.

“I am saddened that his service to this community has come to an end so abruptly. Our community demands and I require that members of our Police
Department follow the laws of our community and our policies both on and off duty.” Sean Young has served in the City of Findlay Police Department since 1996.