Findlay training center works to prevent work place violence

Published: Jun. 5, 2017 at 10:35 PM EDT
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Randy Van Dyne works hard to give people the tools they need to stay safe, whether it's at the scene of an accident, in the classroom or at work.

"Last year we trained 11,000 people," the assistant vice president of the All Hazards Training Center at the University of Findlay said.

Monday's news of a deadly shooting inside of an Orlando, Florida business, Van Dyne says, is proof that training is essential.

"It doesn't surprise me," he said. "I think a whole lot more can be done in terms of how companies deal with this."

He says that most businesses do a good job, but that it takes more than just knowing how to respond to an active shooter. In the case of the Orlando shooting, Van Dyne says the shooter seemed to target his victims.

"Perpetrators like this actually go through a defined continuum of behavior," he said. "You can find out what level or what part of the process the individual is in and you'll know when to intervene."

The All Hazards Center has programs specifically designed to help people know when to step in.

It starts by setting up a common-sense policy int he work place on how people should be treated.

Van Dyne adds that there should also be a way to report behaviors that break the policy and a team who will help decide when a line has been crossed.

"It could be counseling of some sort, you could get law enforcement involved, you get mental health people involved, and you really try to look at behavioral signs of something that might lead to this," Van Dyne told 13abc.

He hopes through more training, fewer situations will lead to tragedy.