Fire Chief helps to save lives a world away

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FOSTORIA, Ohio (WTVG) Fostoria's Fire Chief, Brian Herbert is taking his gear, boots and nearly 30 years of experience to a new location.
A location half a world away.

"It's a mission to Africa and this year they are going to Kenya," said Fostoria Fire Chief Brian Herbert.

Chief Herbert will join the non-profit organization called Africa Fire Mission. The goal of the organization is to better train and equip firefighters in nations across Africa. Chief Herbert will teach his fellow brothers how to drive.

"Majority of African fire deaths are caused by driving accidents. Their equipment is a little different than what we have in the United States. They have a European style truck so they are a little taller a little heavier. So I'll be teaching them proper driving techniques and how to handle their apparatus," said Chief Herbert

In order for the chief to go on the mission he must raise $3000 and he's asking for your support. He's created a fundraising page.

"What we are looking for just something to help out anything over and above my costs for the mission will go toward purchasing equipment for them. So far I've raised close to $500 dollars. I've put about $1700 of my own money into it," said the chief.

He will take protective gear and other equipment to donate to the firefighters in Africa. Chief Herbert says it's been a dream of his to teach on another continent.

"I've always wanted to go to Africa. So I found this to be a great opportunity to teach. Hopefully I come home with something as well that I can learn from them," said Chief Herbert.

Chief Herbert leaves November 28 and returns December 9th.