Firework rules and regulations

With the Fourth of July fast approaching, make sure you are up to date with the latest regarding fireworks.

With the fourth of July just under three weeks away, there’s lots to know before heading out to purchase your fireworks.

Ohio firework laws are the same in every county within the state but differ immensely from those in Michigan.

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, under Ohio law consumer sale of 1.4G fireworks is legal, but they must be removed from the state within 48 hours. While consumers are no longer required to sign paperwork saying they will remove them from the state, they are still expected and legally bound to. This meaning that consumer fireworks cannot be used in the state of Ohio.

In Ohio, the only products still allowed to be bought and used in the state include “novelty and trick” fireworks. This includes trick matches, snakes, glow worms, party poppers, smoke devices, and sparklers.

A quick rule of thumb for Ohio is that it is legal if it only smokes, pops, or sparkles; but anything that explodes or flies in the air is illegal.

According to the Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs, the state of Michigan has more open laws in relation to the sale and use of fireworks within the state. Michigan allows for the use of consumer fireworks within the state. This not only includes the novelty and trick fireworks, but also roman candles, aerials, helicopters, missile type rockets, and firecrackers.

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