First African American UT faculty member honored

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - Dr. Lancelot Thompson wore many hats at the University of Toledo.

Dr. Kaye Patten, The Senior Vice President of Student Affairs said, "he was the first president of color and in fact he was the first V.P. of student affairs."

He is one known as a trailblazing professor with an outstanding past.

"For the scientist and who he was, he needed things in logic, consistency and order," said Dr. Thompson's son Lance Thompson, Jr. "He was a brilliant and beautiful mind."

Dr. Thompson retired in 1988 after spending 55 years at UT. However, post retirement he still attended meetings up until 2015. He held a lengthy list of accomplishments that some close to him touched on at his memorial service Monday night.

Dr. Crystal Ellis, a Retired TPS Superintendent said, "If I were to label him the best loving man in Toledo for what he did for children, I think I would be very accurate."

Dr. Ellis is a Bowling Green State University graduate and dear friend to the Thompson. He was there to lighten up the mood at the memorial service, like many. Dr. Ellis said if you knew Dr. Thompson then you knew he loved sports.

"Lance teed off and I said Lance that ball is going toward that man in a group ahead of us. He said, man I didn't know I could hit the ball that far. Well, the ball hit the man in the head. He was alright," added Dr. Ellis.

People are thankful for a man who paved the way for African Americans and people are thankful for someone so passionate about helping children.

"Dr. Thompson impacted the university community, faculty, staff, students, I don't think there's any area of the university that Dr. Thompson didn't impact," added Dr. Patten.

"I've had great privilege to have known and know a few great men who have changed cities," said Dr. Thompson's son-in-law George Klinedinst. He said Dr. Thompson changed Toledo.

UT's Student Union will be renamed after Dr. Thompson.