First responders ready to help during hot and busy weekend in Northwest Ohio

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Whether watching gravity-defying planes or cheering on golfing greats, plenty of people will be outside this weekend in Northwest Ohio.

"It's an outdoor event, so you need to prepare yourself for it," Lt. Craig Koperski with Sylvania Fire and EMS said of the 2019 Marathon Classic.

At Highland Meadows round three of the LPGA tournament continues Saturday in Sylvania. As fans enjoy the match-ups on the green they'll also be battling the summer sun.

"It's going to be hot out," Koperski said. "Make sure you're wearing shorts, light-colored clothing. While you're out here try to find some shade to stand in. Try not to stand out in the sun."

The lieutenant says his crews already treated people for heat exhaustion during Wednesday's Pro-am. With more hot temps expected over the weekend he says the best thing people can do is properly hydrate.

"Everybody loves to grab a bottle of water, but if you're going to be out here all day grab a couple of bottles, drink them throughout the day," Koperski said.

At Toledo Expres Airport the Toledo Air Show will also take to the skies after a three-year hiatus.

"It's tough out on a tarmac like this," Chief Brian Rozick with the 180th Fighter Wing said. "The blacktop makes it a little hotter."

While it will be hot, first responders will be on the lookout for people who need help.

“We’re going to be out on bikes, we’re going to be in EMS squads," Rozick said. "We’re going to be stationed keeping an eye on everybody, making sure that everybody’s safe.”

Along with vigilant eyes the chief says a field hospital is also set up in addition to multiple first aid stations.

"We're also going to be monitoring the weather to make sure that as the temperatures increase that we notify folks and let them know to remind them to keep drinking and hydrate," Rozick said.

Even in the middle of a summer sizzle, first respoders say they're ready to step in as people enjoy a busy weekend in Northwest Ohio.