Five rivers in Flood Stage, but none will set a record

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On a normal day, the Ottawa river is only a few feet wide as it crosses at Bancroft. Even with new rapids, the river is still five feet below major flood stage. That's not keeping the floodwaters out of several backyard.

"We don't have a lot of flooding that affects many homes," Ottawa Hills Police Chief John Wenzlick said.

Flooding damage to homes is rare in Ottawa Hills. Village Police Chief John Wenzlick and his patrols look for the classic hot-spots near Bancroft and along TTalmadge.

"This time it's consistent with what we see, you know, a couple times a year, I would say," Chief Wenzlick said.

These aerials from the 13abc news drone take you where the roads can't along the flooded river channel.

Similar scenes played out in Pemberville, along the Portage.

While impressive, this will end up as only the 60th highest level on record for the Portage River, at this particular location.

Upstream and down US-24, the Maumee, Tiffin, and Auglaize converge in downtown Defiance. The water is high here, as well, though much like the other rivers, will not break or even come close to a record.

"Couple of years ago, when it rained pretty heavy. We had pretty high water in some areas that we generally didn't see it," Chief Wenzlick said.

Even though these aren't record floods, some still get stuck... despite the warnings. Early Wednesday, our cameras captured a car stuck on Lenawee County.

"When you see the water in the floodplain, it's hard to differentiate where the floodplain ends, and where the actual river bottom kind of falls out," Wenzlick said.

While most of our rivers, the Ottawa behind me included, will only end up in minor flood stage, there are two notable exceptions, both in Williams County: the St. Joseph's River, and Bean Creek, at Powers.