Flights back in operation but headaches aren't over

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ROMULUS, MI (WTVG) - Airline executives have announced they are gradually restoring normal operations to their airlines after back-to-back hurricanes hit Texas and Florida.

For some that's good news, but that doesn't mean the headaches are over. Airlines are delaying and canceling flights currently at Detroit Metro Airport. This is leaving hundreds stranded in Michigan and far away from home.

Laurie Bachler said she is from Michigan but lives in Florida. Before Hurricane Irma hit she got out of Florida.

"I was literally on my way to work and turned around and went to the Tampa airport," said Bachler. "I've just been hanging out with my family. It's been a nice little unexpected vacation, but it's still been really stressful."

Kelcee Keenan will be working in Michigan for a few days. She flew into DTW from Houston. Keenan said it was an uneasy feeling knowing Hurricane Harvey was on its way.

"So we were just frantically watching the news. . . and seeing the city fill up with water," said Keenan.

Some people said Harvey was the worst hurricane they've lived through.

Marlene Brown said, "my house sat up pretty high from the street, but I was stuck in my subdivision for four days."

Many travelers are eager to get out of Michigan. Judy Gregory said learning her flight was delayed wasn't bad news.

"I have been on the phone for probably 10 hours trying to get this flight and now it's delayed, but it's okay. I'm looking forward to relaxing a little bit in the airport," said Gregory.

Unlike Gregory, Bachler will sleep at a hotel because her flight was canceled on Wednesday.

"They can't get me out today," added Bachler. "I'm going to have to get on a flight tomorrow anyway and miss work."

The Associated Press reports, The American Airlines CEO expects his airline to be back to "full operation" by Saturday or Sunday.

Southwest is back to "full strength" in Houston and at five of the eight airports Southwest serves in Florida. Airports in Tampa, Fort Myers and Jacksonville, are still shut down, but will reopen on Thursday.