Flooding from Point Place to Port Clinton

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Waters around Toledo rose 26 inches in just a matter of hours today.

And the surf and flooding went down nearly as quickly, once the wind died down.

"Water always finds its way to make our lives miserable. It's a great way to make your living on the water. But when the water finds its way in, it is not such a great time," the voice in the Fisherman's Wharf video says.

The crew at Fisherman's Wharf is used to the flooding, after battling it time and time again.

"Here we are folks... Port Clinton is flooded everywhere. We've lost our battle."

Sandbags were a hot item today along Route 2 and up into Point Place. So were sump pumps, running constantly.

"If we get rain, then it's going to be bad," Point Place resident Amber Sobecki said. "So when it rains, the street floods. I wasn't able to get my car out for two days."

There was flooding here last month and again today.

Eight years ago, Point neighbor Amber Sobecki says she had four feet of water in her basement.

"I lost my furnace, my washer, my dryer," Sobecki said.

"I had a full finished basement, now it's not finished anymore."

These homes: now front-row seats to choppy waves.

A call came into the I-Team Friday afternoon about a recurring flooding problem at Cullen Park. Within minutes, we were on the scene – looking for answers about this malfunctioning flood gate.

"I love where I live. I just want it to be fixed," Sobecki said.

A spokesman for the city said a crew was heading to fix the gate this afternoon, as the waters started to recede.