Former President George H.W. Bush remembered in Washington, locally

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - Services for former President George Herbert Walker Bush began Monday in Washington D.C.

"Throughout his life of service, President Bush personified grace. His character was second to none," Rep. Paul Ryan, said.

Memories of his service, his hand-written letters and his love of country were shared by many, even those close to home.

"I asked him a question there," Toledo city councilman Tom Waniewski said referring to video footage.

Waniewski says he remembers his impromptu interview with the former commander in chief well. He was on assignment as a reporter at 13abc, heading to the Stranahan Theatre to cover the campaign stop when he got a tip.

"We got stopped at the light and the police officer said, "you might want to turn down this street," Waniewski said.

They ended up at Swan Creek Metropark, just in time to catch Mr. Bush getting ready to go for a jog.

"You parade into the metroparks and out steps George H.W. Bush in a Toledo Mud Hens hat and his jogging outfit," he recalled.

Waniewski says the, then, vice president didn't answer many questions.

But he did take time to say a few nice words and shake some hands.

"Normally, as a reporter, you're shouting out questions," Waniewski told 13abc. " This was a one-on-one with him. He was very gracious. He talked to other joggers in the metropark."

In the moment, he was doing his job. But looking back, Waniewski says, it's like a piece of history; one he gets to keep forever.