Former daycare worker caught on video hitting a child convicted of assault

TOLEDO (WTVG) - A former daycare worker who was accused of hitting a child in an incident caught on the facility's surveillance video has been found guilty of assault in court on Friday.

The alleged assault happened in October at Bright Beginning 24Hr Childcare on West Alexis.

Reese withdrew her previous not guilty plea and pleaded no contest on Friday. She will be sentenced in January and could spend up to six months in jail.

The video of the alleged assault shows a group of children eating lunch in a room, with one child standing near an adult employee. The video shows the adult taking the child's arm and feeding him. The 3-year-old spits out the food, and that's when the employee hits the child across the face.

Reese was fired from the daycare, and Kristeen Hill, the owner of Bright Beginning said at the time, "My apologies go out to the family and the boy for the situation that did happen."