Fostoria family seeks justice in 14-year-old cold case murder of their loved one

FOSTORIA, Ohio (WTVG) - On a cold December day a family braved the elements to remember a life lost too soon.

"It was devastating. You don't know how devastating," said Donna Sigler recalling her daughter's death.

Back on December 3, 2004, Tina Snyder, 43, was found dead in the bathtub of her East Fremont Street home in Fostoria. Detectives later told the mother of three's family she was strangled with speaker wire.

"How can somebody do that?," said Snyder's niece Christina Bowers. "And the way that they did it, you know what I mean?"

Police pursued the murder for months, but eventually came up empty handed with no suspects or leads. Snyder's death became a cold case.

"Her life should have never ended that way and that soon," said Sigler. "We still think of her all the time, and it's hard."

Now every year on the day of her death Tina's family meets at her grave, like they did Monday, hoping the person responsible will come forward.

"I want them to remember what happened on December 3, 2004," said Bowers. "I want them to remember."

With no updates from investigators in recent years Snyder's family says they're frustrated with the lack of communication.

"Reopen the case. Restart fresh," said Bowers. "Put new eyes on it."

In the meantime, Snyder's loved ones want someone with information to say something so they can get closure.

"Somebody knows something. Somebody has to," said Sigler. "The people downstairs had to hear something."

"Call the Fostoria Police Department, call the Seneca County Sheriff's Office and tell them what you know," added Bowers.

If you know anything about Snyder's murder you're asked to call Fostoria police at (419) 435-8573.