Free breakfast and lunch for K-8 TPS students

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TOLEDO (13abc Action News) - You've heard there's no such thing as a free lunch.

Turns out, you heard wrong.

All kids in Kindergarten through 8th Grade in Toledo Public Schools will get breakfast and lunch free.

It's the second year for the lunch program and the third for breakfast.

Rey Debroas, Director of Child Nutrition at T.P.S., oversees the meals at all 50 schools.

It adds up to 8,000 breakfasts and 16,000 lunches each day.

Employees make sure your kids have balanced meals by following the Plate Chart, so T.P.S. can get reimbursed by the federal government.

"If they're missing a piece, sometimes we have to say to the children, you need the juice or milk, you know, to be extra compliant," explains Debroas. "They don't have to eat it, but for us to be eligible it has to be."

One new change this year: Students only have to eat one fruit or vegetable, not both.

They will also see new menu items, such as mini cheeseburgers or a sub sandwich station, thanks to the annual kid taste-test.

While meals are free to grade schoolers, high school students will still have to pay.

If you qualify, the $1.25 breakfast can be reduced to $0.30, and the $2.75 lunch can be $0.40.

Just fill out an application for reduced-cost meals at the link.

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