Free skin screening for skin cancer awareness month

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - It’s the most common cancer in the nation, affecting 1 in 5 Americans before the age of 70. Catching it early can be a life saver.

May is skin cancer awareness month and dermatologist say ultra violet damage from the sun can even come through on a cloudy day. The best way to prevent cancer is to wear sunscreen daily. Those with fair skin are the most vulnerable to sun burns. But we all can be affect by skin cancer. Mitchell Dermatology of Northwest Ohio is offering free skin cancer screenings for the 14th year. This year’s free screenings will take place at the Fremont location on Saturday, May 19th.

Dr. Hope Mitchell, Board Certified Dermatologist says “It’s important, when we detect skin cancer, just like any other cancer in its earliest stages, we have a much greater survival rate. We can develop moles in areas that we didn’t know, like the back or back of our legs. The screening is very informative, we really take them very seriously."

Dr. Mitchell also said if you are going back in the shelf to grab last year’s sunscreen, its likely no longer effective. Throw it away, then replace and replenish your sunscreen every year.