From Marine to nose tackle, Heidelberg's Meyers a force to reckon with

Published: Sep. 11, 2019 at 8:21 PM EDT
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Matt Meyers anchors the defense up front as a nose tackle, but he did not go straight from high school to college - even though the program recruited him almost a decade ago.

Matt, who's now a senior, actually sold himself to Heidelberg four years ago, just having returned home from the Marines.

“Having a man with like that brings perspective, especially to the young guys,” Head Coach Scott Donaldson said.

He served in the infantry and was deployed twice, once to Afghanistan and once to Kuwait, with some time spent in Iraq.

He spent 14 months overseas, and the experience was extremely meaningful, because there are parallels with football.

“If you don't do your job everything goes haywire.”

Heidelberg is one of the few teams in college football that actually take the field for the national anthem and for Matt the worst days here are truly some of the best.

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