Fulton County library levy could cost Lucas County libraries over $200k yearly

Published: Apr. 27, 2018 at 6:15 PM EDT
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The Toledo-Lucas County library system could be losing big money, to the tune of over $200,000 yearly.

It's thanks to a library levy campaign in Fulton County and it’s catching some in Lucas County off guard.

Nothing is being done illegally but 13abc was told that Friday was the first time officials in the Lucas County library system are hearing about this plan.

According to the Lucas County Auditor it’s a plan that could cost the Lucas County library system about $218,000 yearly.

It all centers around a library levy for the Evergreen Public Library in Metamora in Fulton County. Voters in the Evergreen school district will decide on this new, additional levy of point 4 mils.

Evergreen schools is in both Fulton and Lucas counties. This ballot measure has surprised some Lucas county voters since they already pay Lucas county library taxes.

13abc has learned that if this passes, the Evergreen levy will trump the Lucas county levy.

So those Evergreen voters in both Fulton and Lucas county would pay the Evergreen tax, which is lower than the Lucas county library tax.

According to Lucas county Auditor Anita Lopez there are 1179 Lucas county parcel in Evergreen schools, which makes up that financial loss of over $200,000.

13abc did learn that those Lucas county voters could still use Lucas county library facilities, in fact anyone in Ohio can get a library card for a Lucas county facility.

This Evergreen levy, if it passes, will generate around $90,000 and will cost a $100,000 home owner $14 dollars a year.

Voters will decide on May 8th but some people have already spotted this on their absentee ballots.

There are nearly 3 times more Fulton county voters in Evergreen schools, than Lucas county voters.