Future of Hotel Seagate still in county's plan

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Published: Feb. 10, 2020 at 7:47 AM EST
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It was once a thriving hotel in downtown Toledo, but it's now an eyesore on the city's skyline.

The Hotel Seagate sits as a shell of what it once was. Plans have been starting and stopping since at least 2016 to revitalize the property on the corner of Summit St. and Jefferson Ave.

The latest announcement was made in 2018 when a new management took over the project, but no major progress has been made.

County commissioners said the project is still alive, with Tina Skeldon Wozniak saying the hotel is in the planning stages with financing being worked on.

"It's a critical project," Skeldon Wozniak said. "It's still going to happen. In the next several months, we'll be able to show some of the details."

While there is no time frame for the current project, there are plans to house guests during the Solheim Cup international golf tournament in August 2021. The plan is to also use an newly constructed grand ball room at the hotel to help kickoff the tournament.

One of the previous plans included demolishing the property. So is that still on the menu?

"Some of the engineering work with the construction manager is being really evaluated," Skeldon Wozniak said. "They're crossing the Ts and dotting the Is for a final determination of all the pieces of the project."

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