Gas prices in Ohio are on the rise

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - If you haven't filled up the tank yet this week, you may be surprised to see prices nearing $3 per gallon.

According to AAA, the average price for regular gas in Ohio jumped 15 cents in the past week. The jump comes as millions of Ohioans get ready to hit the road for the first official holiday of the summer. On average, AAA says Ohioans are paying $2.81 at the pump. That's eight cents more than last week. In Toledo, the average gas price is about $2.76 per gallon, according to

Ohio has seen the largest jump of any state in the country. Nationally, gas prices have been on the rise since the White House announced the country was withdrawing from the Iran Nuclear Deal. “The Administration’s move combined with the switchover to summer blend, growing global demand and shrinking supply continues to fuel pump prices as we approach the summer driving season,” said AAA Public Affairs Manager, Cindy Antrican. “AAA predicts that the national average may reach $3/gallon this summer, especially if crude oil prices continue to increase.” Motorists across the country have been paying the highest gas prices since 2014.