Getting through the holidays after losing a loved one

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MAUMEE (WTVG) - The holidays are stressful enough and when you add the death of a loved one it can be absolutely overwhelming.

That is why Vicki Secord has been offering a 'Surviving the Holidays' event at First Presbyterian Church of Maumee for six years.

She said if you've lost a loved one focus on getting through these next two months and plan ahead.

"You really want to think in advance about the holidays and about cooking, about decorating and about invitations," said Secord. "What are you going to do? Are you going to set up cards? Are you going to set up a tree?"

People grieving should not expect life to be the same as it was before.

"We hope this program will allow people to free themselves to say you know I don't have to necessarily celebrate to the same degree that everyone else is." said Pastor Clint Tolbert. "That it's okay to be a little low this year."

If you're a friend, what you say could hurt. So be mindful of your words.

"There are no words that will work" added Secord. "So many times what people really want is for people to be there."

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