Gibsonburg honors the sacrifice, service of those killed in Sept. 11 terror attacks

GIBSONBURG, Ohio (WTVG) - Gibsonburg may be hundreds of miles away from the sites of the September 11, 2001 terror attacks, but people living there find it important to reflect on that dark day.

"The attacks didn't just happen on New York or Washington. It happened to all of us," said Gibsonburg mayor Steve Fought.

The Sandusky County village is home to a special memorial that honors first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice while attempting to save others in the chaos.

Its centerpiece features a 36 foot, 7,000 pound antenna from the top of the World Trade Center.

"The antenna is sitting atop a replica of the new One World Trade Center and surrounded by it is a Pentagon shape to reflect the happenings in Washington that day as well," said Fought of the town's memorial.

Tuesday, those from near and far came together in the shadows of the site to remember the day our country was forever changed.

Some people even brought their kids--born long after the horrific events--so they, too, could know the impact 9/11 had on the U.S.

"Just for them to remember everybody—the firefighters and police and everybody— just to never forget about it," said Gibsonburg resident Jamie Hunker.

Also present was former volunteer firefighter Diane Carter who was called in to relieve New York City firefighters serving at Ground Zero.

"It was surreal," said Carter. "I don't even know that I have words for it even 17 years later."

Now living in Bellevue, Carter says her experience on that day inspired her to become a pastor.

"Even in the midst of all of that horror was really the outpouring of love and encouragement and support and compassion from not just the New York area, but everywhere around," said Carter.

As time rolls on, people in Gibsonburg hope others can also begin to see the good that came from the bad in the reflection of a memorial dedicated to those who sacrificed it all.

"We feel very proud of what we have and the piece of the structure that we have," said Fought.