Gift card offer that's too good to be true

OREGON (13abc Action News) - It's the offer we all hope would be true, out of nowhere someone is sending you a $100 gift card. But the details show you it's a deal you want to stay away from.

You really need to start with a simple question: Why am I getting this reward?

You’ll also want to ask if you had signed up for a plan, is it from a bank you use or even a place with a reward program. Those answers will lead you to what you should do with the offer.

When Angela Jones got the post card, her reaction was one we might all have.

"I get a hundred dollar gift card, who wouldn't be happy," said Jones.

The only catch was the $4.95 she'd have to pay in shipping.

"When I kept giving them the card number for them to pay for it, they kept telling me that it's a prepaid card and they can't use it. So I'm like OK. Then I started thinking about why if I won something, why do I got to pay for it?" said Jones.

Usually crooks like prepaid cards like the green dot card. They're tough to trace and when the money's gone, it's gone. These crooks only wanted Jones' bank card. She realized what was happening.

"They wanted that bank card so they can get that whole bank account, like whatever you had in the bank account. That's why," said Jones.

So that $4.95 could have turned into a much bigger charge and much bigger problems. When you get the offer like this taking a step back and looking at whole picture will show you the problems right away.

"if ya'll could pay for the shipping and handling to send that card out... people mail gift cards and credit cards and bank cards all the time for free. So why do I need to pay you $4.95 for ya'll to mail me out a gift card. That don't make sense," said Jones.

So Jones will be throwing that post card away.

Always make sure if you ever give a credit card or debit card out over the phone that you're extremely careful about who you're giving it to. Make sure it's a company you trust.