Glass-Crafts building set to be demolished at Toledo Museum of Art

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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) - A longtime piece of Toledo Museum of Art work space will soon be coming down. One part of the museum's master plan is leaving some to wonder where those classes will end up.

The Old West End Historic District Commission approved the demolition of the Glass-Craft building later this year. The commission voted 5 to 2 in favor of the building coming down, that is located on the western side of the museum property.

In very few places will you find blacksmithing classes and one of those places is the Glass-Crafts building, next door to the Toledo Museum of Art.

The museum's new master plan calls for this building to be demolished. That will happen beginning in the fall. An art support building will be there instead.

"It’s a place where collection are activities can take place like conservation, framing, carpentry," said Stephanie Elton with the Toledo Museum of Art.

Some people who use the 50-year-old building are concerned about what happens to the programs held there. They are programs like blacksmith, sculpture, and other courses requiring open flame. Museum representatives say the plan is to relocate all those program

"The museum has been actively exploring different options on where to relocate the sculpture program here on campus. Two possibilities have been identified. We're doing more research to determine which would be the best site for this program," said Elton.

Until a new location is found, nearly 50 artists will be without a work space.

"I'm pretty upset," Patricia Sill said. "I hope they find another location."

This master plan will bring other changes like making Monroe Street the main entrance and realigning some of the interior for accessibility.

"It prepares the museum to be part of the community for the future," said Elton.

Some of the programs like the sculpture program will restart in the beginning of 2020 after the building is closed this fall. It's not expected that any programs will be eliminated.